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Portland Man Saves Half His Lunch For Later

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PORTLAND, OR - After many failed attempts and more than a few stomach aches in the process, Oregon resident Gus Guile successfully saved half of his lunch for later. "Often times I think to myself, I shouldn't eat all of this, but the next thing I know I'm finishing off the last bite," Guile said, shaking his head. "Today was different."

The lunch in question was a chicken and bacon sandwich from Burnside Deli in downtown Portland. "It came on a large roll and was served with a side of chilli, an enormous amount of food. When I got done with the first half of the sandwich and saw how much chilli was left, I was worried, wondering how I would finish it all," said Guile. He continued, "That's when it hit me that I could save the other half for later."

It's not the first time he has made such a proclamation. Only last week Guile purchased a chicken burrito from a food cart a couple blocks from his highrise office building with the intention of only eating half.

"I thought to myself, 'I'll have half'," Guile exclaimed, "But when it came time to wrap up the other half and put it away, I convinced myself I was still hungry. I'm so stupid."

Lisa Martin works on the 17th floor of the Koin Center and remembers the aftermath. "Gus said he was going to, 'hit the food carts'. He came back with a burrito the size of an infant and a few minutes later I saw him puking into a potted plant. We lost some clients that day."

Gus noted that it was after 3:00 and he was thinking about dipping into the break room and finishing off the sandwich. "We'll see," he said, "we'll see."

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#1 @ 4 years ago
by crate-receipt272 - Ghost

I have really liked the articles on laughs end, but it's all turning much of a muchness now. I I fall asleep at any time, you'll have to... :)

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#2 @ 4 years ago
by peafowl_direction7 - One-off wonder

Super meh. :)

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#3 @ 4 years ago

I don't really understand... and yet I do understand. I have a feeling I'm not the true audience for this.

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#4 @ 4 years ago
by thought toad - Ghost

peafowl_direction7 wrote

Super meh. :)



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#5 @ 4 years ago
by mmurillo911 - Ghost


I don't really understand... and yet I do understand. I have a feeling I'm not the true audience for this.


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