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Nadal to celebrate latest French Open triumph with "King of Clay" tattoo

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Fresh off his latest triumph at Roland Garros, Rafael Nadal is to celebrate winning his tenth French Open title by getting the phrase "King of Clay" tattooed on his left bicep. The muscular Spaniard, who is regarded by many as the greatest clay court tennis player in history, and who has the record and the titles to prove it, was giving an interview today with the French newspaper Le Parisien and spoke about his decade of dominance on the tricky Parisian red dirt.

"You know sometimes I find it hard to believe. When I first played here way back in 2005 and I had my first major triumph and I even upset the great Roger Federer in the semis, I never would have thought that I would have gone on to be as successful as I have been here. A lot of my compatriots have had wins at Roland Garros in the past. Names like Sergi Brugera and Carlos Moya come to mind. These are people who have inspired me to achieve what I have achieved at the French Open which is my favorite Grand Slam tournament for obvious reasons."

Nadal continued:

"I knew that I was always going to be the favorite to triumph yesterday. With all due respect to Stan, and I don't want to sound like I am gloating here, but it's quite obvious that it was going to take something really special for him to beat me and I have proven once again that I am officially the "King of Clay". I mean, think about it, ten French Opens? That is more titles that all of the other French Open winners in the 2000's combined. That's why I am going to celebrate this latest and most special triumph by getting the phrase "King of Clay" tattooed on my left bicep. That expression says it all."

Asked if he thought that such a tattoo would give the impression that he is arrogant, Nadal responded:

"Of course not. It's not arrogant if it's the truth. In fact, I would rather be known as the "King of Clay" than be known for having feet of clay."

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