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Local Man Shocks Town by Revealing He Created Spoof £25,000 Airport Sign as a Practical Joke

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In a surprising development, Powys citizens learned yesterday that the beloved spoof £25,000 airport sign that made headlines earlier this year was not the work of a group of anonymous pranksters, but rather the work of a single man named Gary, who spoke to us while wearing a shirt that read "I put the 'ha' in yahooligans."

"I just wanted to have a bit of a laugh, you know?" Gary said. "I never thought it would become such a thing. But I guess people love a good joke, especially one at the expense of a seemingly incompetent government."

Gary's reveal has divided the town, with some praising him for his comedic genius and others calling for him to be punished for wasting public funds. But as one resident put it, "At least he gave us something to smile about. And let's be real, it's not like that sign was actually useful."

As for the sign itself, it has been put back up in its original location and appears to be attracting even more attention than before. Local businesses have even started selling t-shirts with the sign's slogan, "Welcome to Powys, the Airport That Never Was."

When asked to comment on the situation, a government spokesperson simply replied, "We don't know how this happened. But we're not surprised."

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