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Queen makes plea for "common ground" in a thinly-veiled plea for common ground.

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Her Majesty the Queen, the longest-reigning British monarch, made a plea for Britons to find "common ground".

Royal correspondent, Birdy Twitcher, said there was no doubt the Queen was sending a message to dumb ass MPs to get their fingers out over the Brexit debate.

As Head of State, the Queen is supposed to be politically neutral so the consensus of uninformed opinion is that she was referring to finding more common ground where she and her family could hunt, shoot, and perfect their driving skills.

The Queen added that Sandringham Castle Estate of around 20,000 acres is barely large enough to support more than one activity at a time. "When one is shooting and the other one is driving," she said, "There's every chance one could knock one over - unless one shoots the old bugger first!"

A palace spokesperson said: "You should try living in Norfolk for a month, mate. You'll go mental. I'm also worried for my personal safety with so many guns and cars around.

"We have been looking to move Sandringham to somewhere more amenable hence the plea for some common ground we could move it to, but after the palace restoration project, public opinion is against further expenditure.

"We're hoping the Harry and Meghan effect - or the Haz and Maz Raz as we say - will boost the royal coffers - and then maybe they'll pay me danger money."

The spokesperson, who declined to be named, asked if we wanted to buy a Royal ashtray. We politely refused, made our excuses and left.

Given Time, by Paul London Given Time, by Paul London

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Not sure about this one.

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Not sure about this one.



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People claim to have died for our sins. I believe that's relevant somehow. Yeah, whatever. :)

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Given Time, by Paul London

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