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Colin Flaherty banned from YouTube

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Colin Flaherty, the Author of the controversial books White Girl Bleed A Lot and Don’t Make The Black Kids Angry which highlight the contentious issue of black on white violence has had his channel officially taken down from YouTube. In a video update on his Facebook page, Flaherty said:

“Well folks it has finally happened. My channel has been officially removed from YouTube and I am now banned. But this is not surprising. I guess I should have expected it sooner or later. But this is the price that one has to pay for highlighting the hate crimes that the media usually ignores out of political correctness. I am now public enemy number one. It was apparent that all those videos that I have uploaded over the years of black on white violence were all lies and propaganda. It’s funny though, but the mainstream media would never dare to show the disproportionate interracial violence which occurs on a daily basis in this country.”

He went on:

“Frankly speaking I don’t blame them because if they were to do that it would take up a whole news show. But I guess this is the price one has to pay for putting the truth out there for all to see. Also, the nasty comments that I would usually get on my YouTube page only lends credence to the legitimacy of my research. In my last official video in which I showed the footage of an elderly white woman being thrown to the ground and then tossed into a pool by a so-called youth at a so-called party for teenagers, I made the comment that if the races in this scenario were reversed it would be all over the news. A few hours later and my page is terminated.”

Flaherty concluded:

“I am undeterred though. You can still access my official website and support me by giving a financial contribution to it. It’s apparent that my stories and videos are nothing but racist propaganda which is used to stir up hatred toward blacks and make people feel that they are nothing more than criminals. The videos are also specially edited to make blacks look bad. So that’s alright if YouTube bans me. Videos never lie and neither do I.”

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#1 @ 6 years ago
by MatchShop - Ghost

I've witnessed almost everything on the internet and this is better than all of that.

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