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Dr. Seuss books to be banned from all Massachusetts public schools

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The Massachusetts Board of Education has decided to place a ban on all Dr. Seuss books from public schools in the state. The books became a source of controversy last week when a Massachusetts school librarian rejected some which were donated by First Lady Melania Trump. The librarian, Liz Phipps Soeiro claimed that the books promote racial stereotypes. Speaking at a press conference this morning, Chairman of the Board Paul Sagan had this to say concerning the contentious books:

"The Board met this morning and decided that in the best interest of the children who attend public schools in this state, especially minority children, it would be wise to entirely ban all Dr. Seuss books from these institutions. We can't have these types of books which help to promote racist propaganda. It would be detrimental to the well-being of those poor children."

He continued:

"Do you know how hard it is for minority children to make it in these schools? They are not as fortunate as white children who typically come from two-parent homes and who are born into white privilege. Then you have these books reinforcing racial stereotypes. It does nothing to enhance their self-esteem. That said, I don't blame the First Lady one bit for what she tried to do. But the fact of the matter is, a woman like herself who has grown up in and lives a white- privilege life and who knows nothing about the history of racial tensions in this country should have been more informed about the books."

Asked by reporters why is it that the books are a problem now, but when Former First Lady Michelle Obama read from those same books when her husband Barack was President is wasn't a problem, Sagan replied:

"Well you see, you have to look at the intentions. Unlike Donald Trump, Barack Obama never promoted racial divisions in this country. By contrast, Trump is notorious for exploiting the racial divide in this country by his words and actions."

It was then that Jesse Watters of Fox News said to Sagan:

"So what you are saying Mr. Sagan is that by the First Lady donating Dr. Seuss books she is effectively helping her husband promote racial divisions? Gosh, the way you think one could have sworn that First Lady Melania tried to donate copies of Mein Kampf to those schools."

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