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Nocheerios Cereal: the Perfect Dry Breakfast That Sunk a Company

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News just in: Nocheerios breakfast cereal has caused a stir in the cereal world, bankrupting its manufacturer, Cheerful Cereals Inc. It turns out that the cereal was designed specifically to be eaten dry, without adding milk.

Many consumers were confused by the concept, and some even reported breaking their teeth on the crunchy and ultra-dry cereal. However, others praised the no-milk-required cereal for its portability and convenience.

The CEO of Cheerful Cereals Inc., Ms. Sunny Smiles, defended the company's choice to produce the cereal, saying, "We wanted to offer a unique and innovative product that would revolutionize breakfast time. Unfortunately, it seems our customers just weren't ready for it."

But some suspected there might be more to the story. According to industry insiders, there had been tensions at the top of the company over the production of Nocheerios cereal. An anonymous source said, "There were some heated arguments between Sunny Smiles and her chief marketing officer, Mandy Munchies. Mandy thought the cereal was a terrible idea, but Sunny insisted on going ahead with it."

Ms. Munchies declined to comment on the situation, but an unverifiable source close to her allegedly told us, "I told her that nobody wants to eat a dry cereal. Dry toast, dry crackers, sure. But no one wants to eat a dry cereal!"

As Cheerful Cereals Inc. files for bankruptcy, millions of boxes of Nocheerios cereal languish on supermarket shelves, ignored by consumers. One shopper had this to say: "I tried Nocheerios once, and it was awful. I could barely swallow it. It was like eating a handful of sand. I threw the whole box in the bin."

It seems like Nocheerios cereal was a step too far for the breakfast world, and now Cheerful Cereals Inc. has paid the price for its dry and crunchy experiment. In the words of a now-defunct company catchphrase, "Our smiles might be fading, but the cereal will always be dry!"

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